Fairfax County Public Schools Options and Considerations for 2020-2021 School Year

Fairfax County Public School District - Distant Learning School year 2020/20201

Fairfax County Public Schools officials are considering three return-to-school scenarios below.  The scenarios are extracted from slides 41 to 43 of the May 11th FCPS’s 47-page “Returning to School: Options and Considerations for Summer and Fall 2020” report.

Source: FCPS

Scenario 1. Virtual Start to the Year

  • Focus Start of School Year Activities on:
    • Community building
    • Orientations
    • Establishing virtual learning routines
  • Provide enhanced distance learning resources (technology, connectivity, self-paced curriculum)
  • Revise instructional schedules to better meet student learning needs
  • Expand community partnerships to support students with distance learning, including child-care services (e.g. Fairfax County Govt, Opportunity neighborhoods, faith-based organizations)

Scenario 2. Social Distancing

Planning to Return to School with Social Distancing:

  • Social distancing regulations may require serving select students that most require face-to-face support (e.g., based on IEP, EL level or developmental level)
  • Implement alternating day schedules (in-school, virtual) based on health department guidelines
  • Create non-classroom space guidelines (e.g., cafeteria, hallways, library, playground, bus, etc.)
  • Expand community partnerships to support students with distance learn, including child-care services (e.g., Fairfax County Govt, Opportunity Neighborhoods, faith-based organizations)

Scenario 3. Some Unable to Return

Planning for How to Support Students and Staff Unable to Return to School Building for Personal Reasons:

*Early notification needed for student scheduling purposes

  • High School
    • Enrollment in Online Campus
  • Middle and Elementary
    • Enrollment with an online provider (e.g. Virtual Virginia)
    • Group students in online class sections
    • Class sections mixed with both face-to-face and online students

More details should be released from the Fairfax County School District in June.

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